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Soleadify specializes in lead generation and company validation for B2B companies. They leverage their unique AI capabilities to build targeted lists from over 50M companies across 100+ countries for personalized outreach. The data they offer provides a window into a company’s specific niche, location, company size, decision makers, and contact information.

Target Ideal Prospects: Use Soleadify’s robust set of business characteristics to determine your best prospect profile. Then extract those “look alike” records to power new marketing campaigns and win new business!
Contact The Right Decision-Makers: Reaching the right contract, ANY contacts, at small and medium-sized businesses can be difficult. Soleadify constantly monitors company websites, pulling all key information into a standard data format so you can easily identify important contacts at every business. Determine Industry / Segment Size: With broad coverage of the small and medium-sized businesses in key geographic markets, the Soleadify solution allows you to determine the size and level of competition in all key business segments. Aggregate the number of companies in each category within each industry. Identify the largest participants, what their key characteristics are, and benchmark your client base against the entire universe that’s relevant to your business. Make Confident Decisions: By using timely and accessible sources, Soleadify is able to quickly acquire data on new businesses on a perpetual basis. Using AI-based crawling technology, Soleadify can extract information, monitor companies over a period of time, and give you confidence that their data will outperform traditional providers who rely on outdated acquisition methods.






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